The Good Night Patrol

Have you ever wondered why one night the sky is still and silent and other time it’s full of flashes of lightning and booming thunder? And what, or indeed who, controls what goes on up there?

Well Ben wondered about this all the time.  And that’s exactly what he was thinking about as he stared out of his bedroom window into the exciting night sky. His eyes swept from the jagged flashes of lighting, across the blanket of bright stars as he waited for the next boom of thunder.  The rain hammered down hard and Ben’s face and hair was wet as he hung out onto his window ledge looking up.

All of a sudden, Ben heard a naying sound.  How could a horse be outside his window? He thought.  His bedroom was on the second floor and they lived on a busy road.  There are no horses in this part of London.

His eyes peering wildly around him into the dark as he felt the cold night air whoosh against his face.  He was just about to step back from the window, when out of the corner of his eye he saw a flash of gold glitter that filled the air, accompanied by a tinkering sound just like a wind chime.  What on earth, was that?

More to come…