Fix-It Fairies

There is an old house, on a tall hill, where things never ever get broken.  Well in fact that’s not strictly true, things do get broken, they just don’t stay broken for very long.

Why?  I hear you ask. Who fixes these things?  Well you probably won’t believe me when I tell you, but okay then.

There is a group of young magical creatures called the Fix-It Fairies and each night they seek out broken things around the old house on the tall hill and fix them.

The eldest Fix-It Fairy is called Rosa and she has beautiful red hair and bright red rosy cheeks.  Next, there’s Mia who has hair as black as the night and eyes as deep warm brown as the fur of a bear.  Then there’s Tess, who has brown curly hair and bright blue eyes like the ocean.  And finally, there’s the youngest fairy Poppy.  Poppy has golden hair and hazel-coloured eyes and she is so shy that she barely ever speaks.

So why do these fairies live together in this spooky old house on the tall hill?

That, my friend, is a long story…