Well done Hillary

Well done for fighting You took a risk, you stood up in front of the whole world and that's brave. Knowing that everyone would be picking holes in your womanhood, your past, your husband's past and you still got up on stage. You're not perfect, but who is? Certainly not Donald. It's difficult to know …

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The insider

I know a girl who knows a guy, who knows this other guy who reckons that Santa has been stuck in a chimney since last Christmas! The girls friend's friend said that the big guy is stuck in the chimney of the house next door to his mum's house.  He reckons that you can see …

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Finally some sociality in Social Networking

I've always been a bit unsure of the 'social' aspect of Social Media. You gather together with people you are interested in, within an electronic playroom (Facebook) or in a virtual conference room (Twitter) and throw credentials at one another, show-off about recent successes and (most of us) hide any bad news firmly out of …

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