Be the CEO your parents always wanted you to marry

You may have seen this Bumble dating app slogan on the side of a bus recently in London, like me.

It really made me smile. And then it made me think.

We know this is aimed at women because we know that our parents would have assumed their son would become a CEO over their daughter. Yet by our generation when we can have it all, are we?

We all live in the shadow of our parents expectations and then we have children and can’t help but heap a different load of expectation onto them.

This week was Aspirations Day at my daughter’s school and when I asked her what she wanted to go in dressed as, she said straight away, “a mummy.” I winced at my five-year-old, had I failed her? WHAT! Because she didn’t say “Director of a multi-national please mummy.”  She’s five!

But I nevertheless suggested some ‘proper’ jobs to her feeling my words squashing her as I did. I know that being a mother is the most important job in the world, but on its own, these days, is it enough of an ambition? I want both my children to be successful in their lives but the weight of expectation still bears heavily, especially on our little girls.

The Bumble app is proving successful because it was the first dating app that was designed specifically for women. Women make up 50% of the dating pool, but dating has never been geared toward women. Bumble has helped transform the dating culture.

Whizzing along in our lives today, are our expectations that our young ladies are only succeeding if they are transformative? Anything less is simply marrying the CEO?

I sit and watch my daughter and son chasing each other around the garden laughing, joyful, free of any fret.  And I vow to try harder not to cast my shadow of expectation too far across where they play.


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