And just like that…she could write a sentence

I can see the cat.

All by herself, no help, no encouragement, no bribe offered.  She just decided today was the day she would write her first sentence.

It’s been a week of firsts, she climbed a big tree on Monday, she got the hang of adding and taking away on Tuesday, wrote her first sentence on Wednesday. Running her own Cattery by Sunday?

I realise she’s at school and this is exactly what she’s supposed to be doing but it’s the way it seems to happen all of a sudden.  You go over and over phonetics with them, you read to them, with them, wondering if any of it is actually getting through. And then Bam! They’re like, I know this. I’ve known this for ages. I eat stuff like this for breakfast! What’s for lunch?

Welcome to the world of words my darling. Hold on tight, it’s sure to be an intoxicating, titillating, incessant ride.

And she could you know. She could see the cat.


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