Being a Boxer’s Wife

It’s fight night. I’m ringside. It smells of beer and sweat. I hear his song play and out he comes with the guys from his gym.  Weeks, months of build-up to a fight. The wait is over. The atmosphere is immense.

Anything dangerous is exciting to watch, to live and be a part of. Often day-to-day we live a detached existence through our phones, a secondary reality. But to feel the blood and the sweat hit you, to hear the punches happening beside you, the crowd roaring; there’s no website content to match that.

As an audience, we’ve long had a fascination with the art of boxing.  So many films celebrate its hypnotic, ruthless nature, Raging Bull, Rocky, Million Dollar Baby, Fight Club to name a few.

People always ask, how can you watch? And I always think, how could I not watch? Other sports are just as violent like rugby or dangerous such as horseback riding and people don’t ask the same questions of their spectators.

But the main reason I will always watch my husband’s boxing matches is because I support passion.

These fighters are dedicated and ablaze about what they do. They train hard, they fight hard and they fight fair.  There is a referee and a judging panel and most of the fighters show the utmost respect to all.

It’s worth mentioning that at white-collar events the fighters don’t get paid, there’s no prize money, in fact these events mostly raise money for charity. So for the fighters it’s not about the money and it’s not just about the winning either.

My husband has won one of his five fights so far, but to me he has never lost. They are always great fights. He is fighting younger, better prepared fighters who often have more experience.  Winning can absolutely be about having the courage to be a contender. This is why we love films about boxing. This is why I love my husband.

If our daughter decides to follow in my husband’s footsteps, so be it.  I’d be very proud to have a little Nicola Adams on my hands. Who am I to stand in the way of passion and determination.




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